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JSC "Asvamida" always looking for team members who can achieve the company's goal of becoming a solid and reliable logistics partner across Europe, guaranteeing the highest level of professionalism.
As the circle of automotive manufacturers and logistics becomes more global, JSC "Asvamida" first looks at the candidate's experience in a similar field when looking for new team members.
If you would like to submit your candidacy to become a member of JSC "Asvamida" team, please send your CV and motivation letter by e-mail


JSC "Asvamida" - it is a company that believes that every person is important and significant. This is the philosophy we follow every day. Every day we support our employees in achieving goals.


Director Mindaugas Daunoravicius
Head of transport Valentas Daunoravicius
Accountant Aiste Daunoraviciene
Car electrician Agnius Daugvila
Mechanic Modestas Daugvila
Safety specialist Juozas Kursevicius
Driver Alfonsas Karlonas
Driver Alma Pociene
Driver Arunas Rudaitis
Driver Grigorijus Simovicius
Driver Paulius Vyturys
Driver Leonas Milasius
Driver Mindaugas Vyturys
Driver Raimondas Pocys
Driver Ruslan Asipovich
Driver Rimantas Daugela
Driver Remigijus Medelis
Driver Vytautas Pacesa
Driver Vitas Navickas

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who we are ?

Our joint stock company was established in 2011 in Kaunas, Lithuania. We have a fleet of 3 auto transporters and 6 trucks, which we are constantly increasing. Asvamida is a company that develops, seeks and efficiently makes the most flexible decisions, boasting an excellent reputation, customer trust and collaboration.
JSC "Asvamida" is interested in constant cooperation - we do our best to earn the trust of our clients and partners.
We guarantee honesty and competence, security, quality and punctuality to our clients - you will not be mistaken when choosing our company services.
Our company is young, but with extensive experience in the field with experienced drivers, is increasing its market position and gaining more and more confidence.
The experience available allows for maximum control of freight transport and optimal transport time. In this way, we guarantee our responsibility and reliability in performing these services.
We also offer free car parking in a 24-hour guarded parking lot.

Partnership between employer and employees forms the basis of the existence and operation of the company.
A strong and trusted relationship is an essential element of Aswamida business model. They bring great benefits to our customers.

Business Opportunities
Asvamida a proponent of private business. Asvamida business opportunity is an opportunity to satisfy the customer with our services.
Our vision is very simple - we work every day to be attractive to our customers. We fulfill our vision by helping clients from across Europe achieve their goals while offering professional services. We take great pride in our responsibility and commitment to good business, as well as our concern for our employees. We are committed to the ideas we believe in.

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Currently our fleet consists of 6 trucks with tilt semi-trailers. We transport cargo in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland.


We transport cars in the EU countries as well as we transport cars from the EU countries to Lithuania.


We kindly invite you to advertise on our company's semi-trailers.

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